General terms and conditions (GTC)

Segtours Wiesbaden Tobias Hahne and Arno Reinemer GbR
Wörther-See-Straße 7A, 65187 Wiesbaden
Date of issue: 05.07.2018

The Segtours Wiesbaden Tobias Hahne and Arno Reinemer GbR (hereafter referred to as the “Segtours Wiesbaden”) organise guided tours with Segway electric scooters (“electronic mobility aids”), carries out events and promotions with Segways and offers Segways and accessories for sale.

1. Tours

1.1 Terms and conditions

a) Legal regulations

The tours runs frequently on public traffic areas, therefore the German traffic laws apply.
Participants must at least be in possession of a valid scooter driving licence (included in the motorcycle driver’s license class M and higher and the car driving licence). A scooter driving licence can be made in Germany from the age of 15 years.
Prior to the beginning of the tour a valid driving licence and a valid identity card has to be presented to the organizer of Segtours Wiesbaden.
In the event of breaches of the German traffic laws, the participant is fully responsible and is liable for any resulting costs and charges.
It is not mandatory by german law to wear a helmet, but all participants of our tours will be oblidged to be wear a helmet. Segtours Wiesbaden provides helmets to participants free of charge for the duration of the tour. Own helmets (e.g. bicycle helmets) can be worn by the participants if brought along.

b) health conditions

Participants must be able to participate in public traffic without any limitations.

Those who suffer from chronic or serious illnesses (such as epilepsy, thrombosis, cardiac diseases, back or knee problems, diabetes, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis in advanced level) must inform the organisers prior to the start of the tour, due to possible risks and will have to face a possible tour exclusion.

In the case of pregnancy, participation in the tours is unfortunately not possible by any means.

The weight of each participant (including clothing) must be at least 45 kg and shall not exceed 118 kg.

c) Arrangements before and during the tour

Prior to the tour, the tour guide will give a briefing in driving and the safety instructions. This training is mandatory for all participants, even if Segway riding experience already exists.

Pedestrians and cyclists fully take precedence over the Segways. Segtours Wiesbaden asks the participants to meet other road users with care and respect.

Due to the safety of all participants, the instructions of the tour guides of Segtours Wiesbaden are always fully to observe. Segtours Wiesbaden, represented by the tour guide, reserves to exclude participants from the tour (also during a trip), when they endanger the safety of others by risky manoeuvres or do not follow the instructions of the guides. In such a case, there is no entitlement to refund of the already paid tour price.

Participants who are drunk or under the influence of drugs, can not take part in the tour. Consumption of alcohol during the entire event is strictly prohibited. Just as smoking is not permitted during the entire tour, with the exception of pauses and when the Segways are safely parked.

Eating, drinking and the use of cameras, mobile phones and other devices while cycling with the Segways is strictly prohibited.

A violation may lead to the immediate exclusion from the tour. In the case of an exclusion of the tour due to one of this reasons the tour price will not be refunded to the participant.

1.2 Weather conditions

The tours and events take place also in bad weather conditions. Only due to strong, persistent rain, thunderstorm, storm, ice, snow or to low temperature Segtours Wiesbaden, reserves the right to cancel a tour for security reasons or to modify the tour so it might be shorter than described in the regular tour program. A claim for refund of a paid tour, also in parts, is not applicable. In case of a cancellation of a tour by Segtours Wiesbaden, participants will receive a credit in the amount of the full paid tour price, which can be redeemed at another appointment (subject to availability).

1.3 Equipment / clothing

SSegtours Wiesbaden recommends: comfortable shoes (no high heels or flip flops), a wind- and weather resistant jacket, sunglasses and sunscreen. In case of cold conditions : Extra sweaters, ski underwear, a hat, gloves and scarf. At low temperatures, the wind-chill factor by riding the Segway should not be underestimated.

Personal property of the participants should be kept in an own backpack, or during the tour, in the Segway front handlebar bag or in the shop of Segtours Wiesbaden. Segtours Wiesbaden takes no liability for damaged or missing property in any case.

1.4 Reservations, booking and “No Show” policy

Bookings can be made by phone, by email and via the Internet at Participation in a tour is possible only after full payment of the trip fee prior to boarding.

Payment of the tour has to be made immediately at the time of booking (by credit card, EC direct debit scheme, via PayPal or in cash). Only after the payment, the reservation reaches the final validity.
If the tour is not fully paid prior to the trip, the right to participate the tour will be lost.

Participants are requested to appear at the time of the reserved tour time at the agreed meeting point. Participants showing up to late, can be excluded from the tour by the tour guide. The ticket price will not be refunded in this case.

1.5 Resignation, Rebooking

a) Withdrawal

Prior to the start of the tour, the participant may withdraw from the contract at any time. The Declaration of withdrawal is possible up to 96 hours (4 full days per 24 hours) before the tour starts. For exclusive tours (every tour with more then 6 participants) and private parties, the resignation is possible up to 7 days prior to the tour. Customized tours, events, and other private events may be subject to separate cancellation policy – please contact us.

In case of cancellation of a tour by the customer, the following regulations apply:

  • in case of cancellation up to 4 days (4 x 24 h = 96 h) before the start of the tour, the participant will be refunded by 90% of the total price
  • Cancellations within 4 days before the start of the tour, unfortunately can not be refunded.
b) Alteration of bookings

Rebooking of standard tours can be done without any cancellation or rebooking fees up to 4 days before the tour. Individual tours can be done up to 7 days prior to booking without any fees. Alterations of bookings can only be accepted if there are free places available at the desired dates.

Transfers can standard tours without cancellation or rebooking fees also until 4 days prior to start of the tour are made and individually arranged special tours until 7 days before the start of the tour. Transfers can be performed only when appropriate participation places on alternative dates. There is no general right of the customer to reebok.

1.6 Tour cancellation, tour abortion, or shortening of tours.

Each participant should specify a phone number at time of booking, under which he is available in the hours before the start of the tour and can be informed in time by Segtours Wiesbaden. In consultation with the participants we will always attempt to offer an alternative date depending on availability. If this is not possible, the participant will be refunded the entire tour price. Exceeding this, the participant has no right to claim any refund or compensations even if the client showed up for the tour and was not informed or could not be informed. Clients have the possibility to get the tours confirmed at any time upfront by personal request.

In the case of a cancellation, the participant will receive either a replacement entry for a different tour date, a voucher or a refund of the full paid price. Participants have no rights for further claims for compensation.

In the event of an interruption or the shortening of the tour, the participant is not entitled to a refund or a replacement ticket. There is no right to carry out the full tour.

Segtours Wiesbaden reserves the right to exclude participants from the tour after the driving and safety training prior to the tour if they are not following the instructions of the guides or if it is noticed that they drive unsafe or risky. In this case the participant will receive refund 50% of the tour price paid. In addition, there are no more right for claims on compensation.

If it becomes necessary, before or during the tour through no fault of the participant to repair a Segway, Segtours Wiesbaden tries to provide a replacement vehicle. Can this not be provided and/or repair is not possible, we will refund the paid tour price of the affected passengers. An additional claim of the participant for the wasted time or not having seen certain points of the tour does not exist. The same applies to the other tour participants.

It may be necessary to adjust the route of the tour to the external conditions, e.g. at roadblocks or occasional events, the tour can always vary in its length and route. When a different route is chosen, there is no entitlement to compensation for this.

1.7 Disclaimers

Before the start of the tour, each participant is obliged to sign the exclusion of liability, and sign that he accepted this.

2. Functions and events

Unless different terms between Segtours Wiesbaden and the client have been agreed, the conditions set out in point 1 also apply to functions and events, including the following additional points.

2.1 Terms and conditions for functions and events

The owner of a private complex (such as closed premises, sports field, Exhibition Centre) can differ from the statutory provisions (e.g. driving licence obligation). In this case, the site owner can put up other legal specifications for the guests. The site owner is responsible for the changed requirements. A liability of Segtours Wiesbaden for the deviation from the legal requirements is excluded in this case.

2.2 Operation of Segways with your own staff

If the Segways are not operated by the staff of Segtours Wiesbaden, but by staff of the customer, the customer has to ensure that all legal and other regulations such as written under paragraph 1 followed. The customer and his staff are entirely liable for any damage of the Segways or any provided items.

2.3 Cancellation policy and charges for functions and events

The cancellation policy, reported in writing to the customers applies for customized tours, events, and other events. In all other cases the following cancellation policy and fees apply:
10% of the total up to 1 month prior to the event
50% of the total up to 14 days prior to the event
75% of the total up to 7 days prior to the event
100% of the total from 7 days prior to start of event up to the event

3. Sale of Segways and related items

The statutory warranty provisions shall apply for the sale of products and merchandise goods. Private customers will receive a two year guarantee, commercial customers will receive one year warranty. In the case of the sale of used equipment, you are given six months warranty. Wear parts are excluded from the warranty.
At the time of purchase, each customer receives a free, comprehensive briefing. In the absence of a briefing, Segtours Wiesbaden is not liable for faulty operation by the customer and any resulting damages. For Improper or negligent operation, the warranty is excluded. A dealer’s liability is excluded in the sale to commercial customers. It is the responsibility of the respective manufacturer of the product.

4. Applicable law, place of performance and place of jurisdiction

Collateral agreements deviating from the above points, amendments or changes must be made in writing form. Place of performance for all obligations arising from the contractual relationship is the current venue of the tour or event. Place of jurisdiction is Wiesbaden.
Exclusively German law shall apply to the contract and all legal relations between the parties.

5. Vouchers

Vouchers are valid 3 years from the date of issue. Vouchers can not be redeemed in cash ! Vouchers are not personalized and can be handed in by any person.

6. Severability clause

The invalidity of a part of these terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective portion is replaced by the agreement that most closely matches the made Declaration of intent of the parties.

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