Segway i2

The Segway ® Personal Transporter i2 is our most versatile model.

A versatile companion

It is designed for simple use on various surfaces. The i2 is equipped with our new LeanSteerTM and InfoKeyTM technologies. It is the perfect combination of form, function and a huge amount of fun !

How it works

Glide on your i2 to work, from task to task, indoors or outdoors, without to ever need to worry about a parking lot.

The steering is very simple. Just lean into the direction, in which you want to drive. The sophisticated electronics will do the rest.

The wireless InfoKey controller shows you with ongoing information about the battery level, the speed and distance traveled, and includes new security features to protect of your Segway.


The i2 is as standard equipped with Saphion ® lithium-ion batteries. These resistant batteries provide a stunning range of 38 km (The range is subject to depend on other terms, such as on the model, the weight of the driver and underground) with a single charge. Saphion Lition-ion batteries are characterised by low susceptibility to maintenance and long life. They can also be used in winter: the operating temperature ranges up to-10 degrees.
By default, the i2 is available in durable anodized black. A wide range of accessories available, also special paintings in the color of your choice for further individualization.

In addition to the redundant safety features of all Segway PT the i2 includes models with some additional features. The height of the LeanSteer handlebar can be adjusted to the needs of the driver, enabling simple storage – for example in the narrow trunk.


Battery: Li-ion (lithium ion) = approx. 16 to 38 km range
(The range is subject to depend on other terms, such as on the model, the weight of the driver and underground)
Operating costs: 200 km a SEGWAY PT uses Li-ion for approx. 1 € electricity.(approx. 0.9 kw electricity per charge)
Road approval: Since 25 July 2009 the road version of the SEGWAY i2 (with a maximum overall width of 0.7 meters) in Germany may be accepted nationwide.


  • Colour: black
  • 2 Lithium-ion batteries
  • A remote -Info key controller
  • Operating manual
  • Driving instructions
  • Mounting instructions
  • Wrench set
  • European power cable 220V
  • CE certification
  • TÜV certification and german street kit
  • and free safety training
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